ome usually a noun can be defined in many ways.

Home (Noun): A place where one lives

Home (Noun): : the social unit formed by a family living together

Like a lot of the words in the English language adding on additional consonants and vowels can transform the word in to a vehicle. It transforms from just a noun, to an adjective or verb masquerading different meanings time and time again.

I have been contemplating this idea of home…what does it mean, where is it? Is it geographical and lying behind these four walls? Is home internal?

Moving is hard. Not only is it exhausting lifting, sorting, packing, unpacking, shifting…over and over again. It is emotionally draining. I am about to leave the only home I have ever known which exist not in one finite place but in many different people. Home is in my godson, who tells me he loves me more often than anyone else and gives it freely. Home is my sister…who is emotionally despondent but makes room for me in her already full corners. Home is my cat Waffles who I brought home against my parents wishes…hell against their demands…who has endured all of life with me over the last 9 years.  Home is the little cottage on Carver st with the beautiful light stained hardwoods and a flower bed full of dead weeds and patches of red mulch. This is the place where my dad came to die and a place that he loved deeply. Leaving it all behind is far more than a physical act it is an emotional one.

Home for me exist in the beating hearts of those who have loved me…both earthside, and not. Leaving this behind is the scariest and possibly the dumbest thing I have ever ever done…I am excited to find new homes in new hearts of new people. I hope I can settle more into my own bones, so that just maybe my own beating heart can feel like something familiar.

I also have some packing tips coming up soon! This Thursday to be exact. There I’ll explore with you the KonMari method of decluttering and tidying up and how I applied this to my packing…trust me there was a lot of stuff that came up that you won’t want to miss.

Sending you all my love & light,

XOXO Harmony

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